Traditional Bathroom


Conversations with our client made it clear that a more traditional look would be the order of the day here - and nothing says traditional like a pull chain toilet! During the design phase we analysed the room’s layout and suggested switching around the fixtures to maximise space and accessibility.

Then, before installation, we added new insulation, Hardie Backer boards and got down to business. A mixture of three tiling styles over the walls and floors adds interest throughout the room, and under floor heating makes that morning walk to the shower a pleasure not a chore. We found ourselves putting in the hours to get this one up to the finish it deserved, and once again our high degree of prep work made it all a breeze.

“After the conversations we had with the team during design we were in no doubts they had a complete understanding of what we were after. The suggestion of switching the layout was an absolute master stroke and the room flows so much better now. We could not be happier with end result!”

Project Summary


·     Traditional high gravity fed toilet for an unmistakeably refined look

·     Insulation and Hardie Backer boards installed

·     Complete layout rework

·     Cosy underfloor heating

·     Shimmering mirror tiles

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